Creating Business Cards with Avery 8859 Stock

A few pointers on this. Review wise, the stock is of nice quality and I am very happy with it. I actually like it better than the professionally done ones I had in a previous life. Gloss makes the colors stand out.

However, the word template was rated 2 stars on There was no way to access the comments on the site, so I was curious why it was 2 stars.

The reason is that, on my HP printer at least, the Margin is off and should be .2″ to the left. Makes that change, and the prints are beautiful. The crisp cut perforation has a more textured feel than die cut, but I doubt few would be able to tell that you had printed your cards at home. If they care that much about what the card was printed on; its time to redesign your card’s content 🙂

–Pro Tips

I used the GIMP for my images. I did a 300 DPI 3.5″X2″ on 300 DPI. The word template resized it oddly. Make sure to resize the image after the copy-paste to proper dimensions, and do a center align. Copy that image, and all the rest will be correct.

I still recommend test prints as your mileage may vary.


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